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Electrofusion Fitting

The electrofusion fitting programme is unique for two reasons. Firstly, due to the complete range of elbows, tees, reducers and end caps extending from d20 to d250 mm. Secondly, because of the unlimited possibilities offered when combining such fittings in the sizes d20 to d63 mm with modular transition adapters.

On top of this, the harmonised design of our complete range of fittings easily meets your demanding requirements.


  • transport lines, distribution lines, house connections
  • water and gas distribution
  • industrial pressure applications

Verwandte Produkte:

  • Elbow 90°, elbow 45°, tee, tee reduced, reducer, end cap
  • Transition adaptor PE/brass, transition adaptor PE/steel


  • tees may be connected using couplers or reducers
  • extensive variety of combination possibilities and ease-of-assembly with the modular transition adapters
  • single source supplier – complete range even up to the very largest dimensions
  • easy user-friendly pre-assembly due to integrated pipe fixation up to d63 mm
  • highly automated manufacturing and process technology for flawless products

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