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Saunders Diaphragm Valve

  • The Saunders® Industrial Diaphragm Valve, first developed more than seventy years ago, has evolved to handle more fluids, gases, solids, and powder than any other type of valve. A wide choice of materials are available and a flexible range of operating methods have been developed to satisfy the needs of most industrial applications.

Extended life, reliability, safety and ease of use, combined with an essentially simple design, facilitate low maintenance and minimal running costs. When subjected to both pressure and vacuum, Saunders® diaphragm valves operate and close 100% leaktight. This feature reduces processing and handling costs by cutting out the waste normally associated with conventional valve designs.

Operating mechanism not in contact with line media

No contamination of the line media. If valve is being used on slurry duty, the operating mechanism cannot seize

Valve operates first time even after long idle periods

Because of the relatively low torque of a diaphragm valve and the grease reservoir in the bonnet, the valve will open or close after long idle periods

100% leak tight

The diaphragm valve is 100% Leaktight as standard, there is no need to fit special glands

Lined for excellent corrosion resistance

Because of the vast range of linings available Saunders can offer a diaphragm valve to suit most applications.

Also, having a wide choice of body lining materials available allows us to be more economical by not having to use exotic alloys

Suitable for control

Because of the diaphragm valves linear flow characteristics the ‘A’ Type valve gives a good flow control range between 30% and 70% travel

No seat wear

No matter how many times the valve is opened and closed there will be no seat wear due to contact rotation as seen with ¼ turn valves

Ease of service

The valve body can remain bolted in the pipeline and just the bonnet removed and the diaphragm replaced

Cost effective

Because the body remains in the pipeline during service and it takes only minutes to change a diaphragm, there can be significant down time savings at site

Abrasion & solids resistance

The KB straight through valve will handle up to 100% solids and with the use of a soft rubber diaphragm, will still give 100% tight shutoff

Weir & straight through types

Two valve designs to allow maximum process efficiency

Vavle  Type

A Type, KB type

Valve Size


Valve Rating

Ansi 125/150, PN10/16, JIS 10K

Valve Temperature

-20oC- 175oC

Body Material

SG Iron, Cast Iron, Stainless Steel

Lined Material

Plastic, Rubber,PFA,PTFE, Glass

Diaphragm Material

Rubber, EPM, PFA, PTFE

Flow Characteristic



Hand wheel, Pneumatic Actuator.

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