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Flange Adaptor

 PPR (Polypropylene Random) has become a key material for hot and cold drinking water piping systems thanks to its high resistance to pressure and temperature. 

PPR pipes, fittings and accessories from GF Piping Systems are sold under the AQUASYSTEM brand. 

AQUASYSTEM is a complete range of pipes (PN 20, PN 10, Fibre and PPR ALU) and fittings (socket fusion, threaded, electrofusion couplers, branch saddles, transition) from 20 to 160mm.


 Flange Adaptor

Code Description Packing
300206415 d40   Flange Adaptor 10
300206416 d50   Flange Adaptor 5
300206417 d63   Flange Adaptor 5
300206418 d75   Flange Adaptor 1
300206419 d90   Flange Adaptor 1
300206420 d110  Flange Adaptor 1
300206421 d125  Flange Adaptor 1
300206651 d160  Flange Adaptor (Butt Fusion) 1

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